About MIPA
About MIPA

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About MIPA

Magnetic Image Projection Analysis (MIPA) is the premier technology Aquetech uses to conduct geophysical surveys. It accurately locates subterranean fluids in nearly any geographical region worldwide.

Our cutting edge technology provides a simple and cost effective solution for our clients. 

See how MIPA works by clicking the 'Watch Video' button on the main page where you can view the scientific explanation behind this revolutionary discovery.

MIPA surveys are conducted entirely online.  Follow-up service with onsite instrumentation is not required.  This saves time, labor and expense for everyone involved.

MIPA is pinpoint accurate in its detection of aquifers and oil reserves because it correlates and interprets geophysical measurements with information collected through satellite imagery.

To conduct a MIPA survey for groundwater, all your company does is submit basic information about the property and the amount of water needed.  If an adequate aquifer is present on the property, MIPA will find it.

To conduct a MIPA survey for oil, please contact us to schedule a preliminary phone consultation.