Practical Solutions
Practical Solutions

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Practical Solutions

At Aquetech, we are very excited about our future and see many practical applications and avenues to pursue using MIPA.

  • In the private sector- Aquetech seeks to provide access to well water on currently dry properties, thereby transforming those properties into prime real estate.

  • In the public sector- Aquetech seeks to locate abundant water supplies for municipalities in areas where it is difficult to find water.

  • In the agricultural sector- Aquetech seeks to alleviate the losses caused by lack of irrigation and inadequate water supplies for livestock.

  • In the industrial sector- Aquetech seeks to stimulate industry by providing necessary groundwater for factories and plants.

  • In the oil industry- Aquetech seeks to locate new oil fields in untapped regions of the United States.

  • In humanitarian aid- Aquetech seeks to assist in the relief efforts for developing nations impacted by water crises.